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Winter is knockin’

It has been awhile since I had the time to write here. I spent most of the summer working on a wildfire (200,000+acres) as the mechanic/inspector.What an education!! There were over 1000 people and hundreds of pieces of equipment on scene.Think of a small city in the space of a few acres,with everyone working 16-18 […]

June is over,with July roaring in !!!

Just spent a TERRIFIC weekend at the Helena,Montana “Blast From The Past” car show/concert/drag races. WOW,WOW,WOW !!!!!!!  Rodders from the frozen North of all ages (and shapes) sure build some great iron and (throw a terrific event). There were lots of new faces and questions….some of our favorite things! I could go on & on […]

Is it summer yet ?

May is upon us (and almost gone). I see the motorcycles,sports cars,and other assorted top down types cruising the mountain roads here. Sadly, I see an unfortunate few that spend their time broken down on the shoulder. Between the simple flats,bad fuel,broken belts/hoses,it would appear most of the prep was spent on filling the cooler […]

Almost Spring !!

Most of us have managed to break out of the loooooong winter unscathed.Many of you have worked on or even completed some of those projects in your shops….HOORAY!                I had the real honor of flying back to Nashville to attend the preview of GEARZ in the new studio.It […]

A New Gearhead Show !

What new show ? GEARZ on ESPN, that’s what! It is the brainchild of Stacey David,former award winning host of TRUCKS!.I recently went back to Tennessee and stopped by the new shop/studio for a visit. This facility can be seen on his website (look for the link ),but the website does NOT begin to convey […]

What Day Is It??

Did you ever have a really busy time when you lost all track of it? Now is one of those times…..Getting parts,inventory,projects and the rolling stock ready for winter is upon us! WOW,snow on the mountains,the tourists are bailing out,the deer and elk in the yard are a sure sign I’m about 2 months behind […]

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