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Basic Machine


1 HQT1188 Snap Ring2 HQT1199 Adaptor Pivot Pin w/Locknut3 HQT1201 Adaptor Locking Bolt

4 HQT1200 Chamfered & Hardened Washer

5 HQT1195 Socket Head Cap Screw

6 HQT1186 Quill Housing Adj Gear

7 HQT1196 Roll Pin

8 HQT1187 Ram Adapter w/Safety Pin

8-A HQT1187-A 90 Degree Scale

8-B HQT1250 Stop Bracket

8-C HQT1251-A Stop Pin

8-D HQT1502 Socket Head Cap Screw

9 HQT1198 Round Head Drive Screw

10 HQT1192 Vert. Adjusting Worm Shaft

11 HQT1268-01 Worm Key

12 HQT1191 Worm Thrust Lg Spacer

13 HQT1190 Vertical Adjusting Worm Gear

14 HQT1197 Angle Plate

15 HQT1245 Plastic Ball

16 HQT1159 Ram Pinion Handle

17 HQT1249 Ram Pinion Screw

18 HQT1244 Ram Pinion

19 HQT1129-02 Ram Clamp Tapped

20 HQT1129-01 Ram Clamp Untapped

21 HQT1129-04 Ram Clamp Bar

22 HQT1247 Split Pin

23 HQT1129-03 Ram Lock Stud

24 HQT1194 Ram

25 HQT1246 Turret

26 HQT1248 Locking Bolt

27 HQT1243 Spider

28 HQT1148 Stop Screw

29 HQT1202 Longitudinal Table

30 HQT1211 Saddle

31 HQT1205 Hex Nut

32 HQT1204 Table Lock Piece

33 HQT1203 Stop Piece T-Bolt

34 HQT1208 Socket Head Cap Screw

35 HQT1209 Table Stop Bracket

36 HQT1153 Saddle/Knee Wiper Plate

37 HQT1154 Felt Wipers

38 HQT1152 Flat Head Screw

39 HQT1602 Full Length Saddle Wiper (Optional)

40 HQT1217-A Knee 12 Inch

41 HQT1156 Table to Saddle Gib (X axis)

42 HQT1157 Saddle to Knee Gib (Y axis)

43 HQT1158 Knee/Columb Gib ( Z axis)

44 HQT1106 Gib Adjustment Screw

45 HQT1122 Table Lock Bolt Handle

46 HQT1206 Table/Saddle Lock Bolt47 HQT1149 Table Lock Plunger48 HQT1207 Saddle Lock Plunger

49 HQT1219 Knee Lock Plunger

50 HQT1220 Washer

51 HQT1221 Knee Binder Plug

52 HQT1223 Set Screw

53 HQT1222 Dog Point Set Screw

54 HQT1218 Knee Lock Shaft Assembly

55 HQT1175 Socket Cap Screw

56 HQT1163 Felt Knee Wiper

57 HQT1212 Left Hand Column Wiper Holder

58 HQT1214 Right Hand Column Wiper Holder

59 HQT1241 Pedestal

60 HQT1239 Column

61 HQT1166 Hex Jam Nut

62 HQT1224 Key

63 HQT1225 Washer

64 HQT1226 Bevel Gear

65 HQT1171 Socket Cap Screw

66 HQT1228 Bearing Retainer Ring

67 HQT1227 Sealed Ball Bearing

68 HQT1227-A Bearing Bushing Spacer

69 HQT1071 Elevating Screw

70 HQT1072 Elevating Nut

71 HQT1242 Socket Head Cap Screw

72-A HQT1236-A Elevating Shaft 12 Inch Knee

72-B HQT1236-B Elevating Shaft 9 Inch Knee

73 HQT1179 Key

74 HQT1145-02 Elevating Crank Handle

75 HQT1145-01 Elevating Crank

76 HQT1230 Gear Shaft Clutch Insert

77 HQT1168 Dial Lock Nut

78 HQT1232 Dial Holder

79 HQT1231 Dial – 100 Graduations

80 HQT1172 Bearing Retainer Ring

81 HQT1178 Ball Bearing

82 HQT1235 Bearing Cap

83 HQT1238 Socket Set Screw

84 HQT1237 Bevel Pinion Gear

85 HQT1096 Worm Gear

86 HQT1097 Adjustable Worm Shaft W/Key

87 HQT017-0038 Key

88 HQT1215 Chip Guard-Upper

89 HQT1216 Chip Guard-Lower

90 HQT1601 Way Wiper Kit

91 HQT1024 Front Knee Way Protector

92 HQT106254 Lube tubing compression sleeve 4mm (Not Shown)

93 HQT186252 Compression Bushing

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