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Leadscrew Assembly

Bridegport Leadscrew Assembly — Buy it Now

1 HQT1202 Longitudinal Table
2 HQT1098 Longitudinal Feed Screw 42 Inch
2-A HQT1098-A Long. Screw 42 Inch w/Power Feed
2-B HQT1098-B Longitudinal Feed Screw 36 Inch
2-C HQT1098-C Longitudinal Feed Screw 48 Inch
2-D HQT1098-D Long. Screw 48 W/Pwr Feed”
2-E HQT1098-E Longitudinal Feed Screw 32 Inch
2-F HQT1098-F Long. Power Feed Screw 32 Inch
2-G HQT1098-G Long.Power Feed Table Screw 36 Inch
2-H HQT1098-H Long. Gear-Driven Power Feed Screw 36 Inch
2-I HQT1098-I Long. Gear-Driven Power Feed Screw 42 Inch
3-A HQT1069 Longitudinal Feed Nut (1 Piece)
3-B HQT1069-2 Longitudinal Feed Nut (2 piece Set)
4 HQT1179 Key
5 HQT1177 Table Bearing Bracket
6 HQT1173 Grease Sealed Ball Bearing
6-A HQT1173-A Precision Bearing Set
7 HQT1172 Bearing Retainer Ring
8 HQT1171 Socket Cap Screw
9 HQT1170 Dial Holder
10 HQT1169 Dial w/200 Graduations
11 HQT1168 Dial Lock Nut
12 HQT1167 Ball Crank Handle
13 HQT1166 Hex Jam Nut
14 HQT1178 Ball Bearing
15 HQT1175 Socket Cap Screw
16 HQT1174 Pin
17 HQT1110 Feed Nut Retaining Screw
18 HQT1150 Washer Head Screw
19 HQT1183 Key Pin
20 HQT1180 Key
21 HQT1182 Feed Nut Bracket w/Keys
22-A HQT1070 Cross Feed Nut (1 Piece)
22-B HQT1070-2 Cross Feed Nut (2 piece set)
23 HQT1073 Cross Feed Screw
24 HQT1371 Clutch Ring Pin (2 Req.)
25 HQT1185 Cross Feed Bearing Bracket
26 HQT1167-S Safety Crank Handle
27 HQT29976-SP Handwheel w/Fold Away Handle
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