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Quill Housing Assembly

Quill Housing Assembly — Buy it Now

1 HQT1270 Round Head Machine Screw2 HQT1303 Bevel Pinion Washer3 HQT1304 Feed Bevel Pinion

4 HQT1305 Feed Worm Gear Shaft Sleeve

5 HQT1306 Worm Cradle Bushing

6 HQT1307 Set Screw

7 HQT1308 Worm Gear Spacer

8 HQT1309 Feed Drive Worm Gear

9 HQT1310 Feed Drive Worm Gear Shaft

10 HQT1311 Worm Shaft Key

11 HQT1179 Key

12 HQT1222 Dog Point Set Screw

13 HQT1317 Feed Engage Pin

14 HQT1318 Worm Gear Cradle

15 HQT1254 Socket Set Screw

16 HQT1319 Worm Gear Cradle Throw-Out

17 HQT1320 Shift Sleeve

18 HQT1326 Socket Head Cap Screw

19 HQT1299 Gearshift Plunger

20 HQT1300 Compression Spring

21 HQT1297 Shift Crank

22 HQT1295 Roll Pin

23 HQT1259 Plastic Ball

24 HQT1361 Cluster Gear Shift Crank

25 HQT1363 Cluster Gear Cover

26 HQT1357 Feed Shift Rod

27 HQT1358 Socket Set Screw

28 HQT1360 Feed Gear Shift Fork

29 HQT1313 Locknut

30 HQT1314 Washer

31 HQT1316 Feed Reverse Bevel Gear

32 HQT1315 Key

33 HQT1337 Feed Driving Gear

34 HQT1338 Key

35 HQT1339 Cluster Gear Input Shaft

36 HQT1340 Feed Drive Gear

37 HQT1341 Needle Bearing

38 HQT1346 Mock-it Socket Set Screw

39 HQT1345 Socket Set Screw

40 HQT1329 Cluster Gears Assembly

41 HQT1328 Gear Shaft Upper Bearing

42 HQT1330 Cluster Gear Key

43 HQT1331 Round End Key

44 HQT1332 Cluster Gear Shaft

45 HQT1333 Snap Ring

46 HQT1334 Bevel Gear Bearing

47 HQT1335 Bevel Gear Thrust Spacer

48 HQT1336 Feed Reverse Bevel Pinion

49 HQT1348 Bushing

50 HQT1349 Feed Reverse Bevel Gear

51 HQT1350 Feed Reverse Clutch

52 HQT1347 Feed Worm Shaft Thrust Washer

53 HQT1344 Feed Worm Shaft Bushing

54 HQT1343 Worm Gear

55 HQT1342 Bushing

56 HQT1356 Pin

57 HQT1355 Pin

58 HQT1359 Key

59 HQT1354 Feed Worm Shaft

60 HQT1353 Roll Pin

61 HQT1120 Reverse Clutch Rod

62 HQT1030 Feed Reverse Knob Assy

63 HQT1165 Micrometer Scale

64 HQT1434-A Upper Rd Hd Screw

65 HQT1434-B Lower Rd Hd Screw

66 HQT1033 Quill Stop Micro Screw

67 HQT1451 Feed Reverse Trip Plunger

68 HQT1033-03 Reverse Trip Ball Lever

69 HQT1452 Reverse Trip Ball Lever Screw

70 HQT1438 Quill Stop Knob

71 HQT1439 Screw

72 HQT1053 Micrometer Quick Nut

73 HQT1033-02 Feed Trip Lever

74 HQT1426 Socket Set Screw

75 HQT1427 Trip Lever Pin

76 HQT1431 T-Bolt Assembly

77 HQT1433 Locknut

78 HQT1432 Lower Clamping Bolt Spacer

79 HQT1200 Chamfered & Hardened Washer

80 HQT1096 Worm Gear

81 HQT1097 Adjustable Worm Shaft W/Key

82 HQT1453 Socket Set Screw83 HQT1112 Clock Spring Assembly83-B HQT1112-WIT Clock Spring with Installation Tool

84 HQT1448 Pinion Shaft Hub Sleeve

85 HQT1021 Twin-Grip Quill Feed Handle – B Series

86 HQT1429 Quill Lock Bolt

87 HQT1428 Quill Lock Sleeve-tapped

88 HQT1430 Quill Lock Sleeve Untapped

89 HQT1151 Quill Lock Handle

90-A HQT1272 Oiler Tube (Step Pulley)

90-B HQT037-0246 Oil Tube Assy (Variable Speed)

91 HQT1442 Spring Pin

92 HQT1445 Key

93 HQT1440 Quill Pinion Shaft

94 HQT1124 Pinion Shaft Hub Screw

95 HQT1138 Safety Clutch Spring

96 HQT1449 Quill Pinion Gear

97 HQT1139 Overload Clutch

98 HQT1376 Overload Clutch Sleeve

99 HQT1381 Snap Ring

100 HQT1140 Overload Clutch Ring

101 HQT1377 Split Lockwasher

102 HQT1378 Round Head Screw

103 HQT1386 Overload Clutch Worm Gear

104 HQT1385 Pinion Shaft Worm Gear Spacer

105 HQT1384 Quill Pinion Shaft Bushing

106 HQT1108 Compression Spring

107 HQT1383 Overload Clutch Spring Plunger

108 HQT1374 Brass Plug

109 HQT1375 Overload Clutch Locknut

110 HQT1372 Clutch Ring

111 HQT1371 Clutch Ring Pin (2 Req.)

112 HQT1389 Overload Clutch Washer

113 HQT1390 Snap Ring

114 HQT1388 Overload Clutch Trip Lever

115 HQT1399 Socket Set Screw

116 HQT1404 Handwheel Clutch Spring Screw

117 HQT1403 Compression Spring

118 HQT1402 Steel Ball

119 HQT1401 Handwheel Clutch

120 HQT1393 Locknut

121 HQT1392 Socket Set Screw

122 HQT1370 Socket Head Cap Screw

123 HQT1391 Clutch Arm Cover

124 HQT1413 Handwheel

125 HQT1406 Cam Rod Sleeve

126 HQT1387 Dowel Pin

127 HQT1405 Roll Pin

128 HQT1394 Cam Rod

129 HQT1408 Compression Spring

130 HQT1407 Roll Pin

131 HQT1409 Trip Plunger

132 HQT1410 Feed Trip Plunger Bushing

133 HQT1411 Trip Plunger Bushing

134 HQT1412 Feed Trip Plunger

135 HQT1395 Trip Handle

136 HQT1397 Feed Trip Bracket

137 HQT1195 Socket Head Cap Screw

138 HQT1435 Quill Washer Head Screw

139 HQT1164 Felt Washer

140 HQT1415 Quill Skirt

141 HQT1420 Nose Piece

142 HQT1425 Quill (Oversize, grinding required)

143 HQT1454 Quill Housing

144 HQT1424 Special Socket Set Screw

145 HQT1137 Collet Alignment Screw

146-A HQT1414 R8 Spindle Only

146-B HQT1414-A R/8 Spindle Assembly

147 HQT1416 Lock Nut

148 HQT1417 Lock Washer

149 HQT1418 Upper Spindle Bearing

150 HQT1419 Sleeve

151 HQT1422 Spindle Bearing Set

152 HQT1423 Bearing Spacer – Lg & Sm

153 HQT1421 Spindle Dirt Shield

154 HQT1351 Socket Set Screw

155 HQT037-0248 Indicator Rod

156 HQT037-0249 Indicator Rod Screw

157 HQT037-0250 Micro-Screw Jam Nut

158 HQT017-0038 Key

159 HQT1112-IT Clock Spring Installation Tool

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