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Variable Speed Top Housing Assembly

Bridgeport Variable Speed Top Housing Assembly — Buy it Now

1 HQT1459 Speed Changer Chip Shield2 HQT1460 Machine Screw3 HQT1603 Bearing Block

4-A HQT1455-A Vari-Speed Dial 1-1/2 HP

4-B HQT1455-B Vari-Speed Dial 2 HP

5 HQT1463 Roll Pin

6 HQT1464 Speed Changer Stud

7 HQT1465 Speed Changer Chain

8 HQT1462 Roll Pin

9 HQT1488 Speed Change Chain Drum

10 HQT1487 Speed Changer Spur Gear

11 HQT1457 Socket Set Screw

12 HQT1461 Bronze Bearing

13 HQT1348 Bushing

14 HQT1132-03 Jam Nut

15 HQT1478 Plastic Face Plate

16 HQT1477 Flat Head Screw

17 HQT1458 Speed Changer Housing

18 HQT1480 Socket Head Cap Screw

19 HQT1486 Bearing

20 HQT1356 Pin

21 HQT1343 Worm Gear

22 HQT1472 Bearing

23 HQT1307-1 Socket Set Screw

24-A HQT1473-A Speed Change Shaft

25 HQT1479 Socket Set Screw

26 HQT1471 Spring

27 HQT1476 Speed Change Handwheel

28 HQT1475 Caution Plate

29 HQT1474 Speed Change Handle

30 HQT1026 Two-Life Drawbar 4 1/4 – Variable Speed

31 HQT1544 Socket Head Cap Screw

32 HQT1195 Socket Head Cap Screw

33 HQT1468 Top Bearing Cap

34 HQT1466 Drum Switch

35 HQT1552 Cotter Pin

36 HQT1555 Washer

37 HQT1545 Hex Jam Nut

38 HQT1553 Speed Change Plate Pivot Stud

39 HQT1469 Socket Head Cap Screw

40 HQT1548 Hex Head Screw

41-A HQT1546 Rebuilt 1 1/2 HP Motor-exchange only.

41-B HQT1547 Rebuilt 2HP Motor-exchange only.

41-C HQT1546-02 1 1/2 HP Bottom Motor Bearing (not shown)

41-D HQT1547-02 2 HP Bottom Motor Bearing (not shown)

42 HQT1467 Belt Housing

42 HQT1575 Belt Housing & Base

43 HQT1105 Varidrive Belt

44-A HQT1115 Timing Belt-1 1/2 HP & Step Head

44-B HQT1536 Timing Belt 2HP

45 HQT1564 Spindle Pulley Spacer

46 HQT1573 Key47-A HQT1117 Spindle Pulley Hub 1-1/2 HP47-B HQT1537 Spindle Pulley Hub 2 HP

48 HQT1543 Snap Ring

49 HQT1508 Wavy Spring Washer

50 HQT1542 Ball Bearing

51 HQT1489 Timing Pulley Clutch Sleeve

52 HQT1560 Snap Ring

53 HQT1556 Pivot Sleeve

54 HQT1554 Socket Head Cap Screw

55 HQT1551 Speed Change Plate

56 HQT1557 Spindle Pulley Bearing Sliding Housing

57 HQT1559 Adjustable Variable Disc.

58 HQT1558 Ball Bearing

59 HQT1126 Plastic Insert-Front Varidisk (2 Req)

60 HQT1095 Plastic Key-Front Varidisk

61-A HQT1113 Plastic Insert 1.5 HP (2 Req.)

61-B HQT1114 Plastic Insert 2HP (2 Req)

62-A HQT1035-B Plastic Key-1-1/2 HP

62-B HQT1035-A Plastic Key 2HP

63-A HQT1037 Adjustable Varidisk Assembly 1 1/2 HP

63-B HQT1036 Adjustable Varidisk Assembly 2 HP

64-A HQT1571 Retaining Ring 1-1/2 HP

64-B HQT1599 Retaining Ring 2 HP

64-C HQT016-0070 Retaining Ring 2 HP CNC

65 HQT1307 Set Screw

66-A HQT1567 Roll Dowel Pin

66-B HQT1407 Roll Pin

67-A HQT1568 1 1/2 HP Drive Key w/Roll Pin

67-B HQT1597 2 HP Key w/ roll pin

68-A HQT1569 1 1/2 HP Stationary Motor Varidisc

68-B HQT1598 2 HP Stationary Motor Variable Disc

69-A HQT1546-01 1 1/2 HP Motor Shaft (Not Recommended)

69-B HQT1546-03 1 1/2 HP Motor Shaft, Old Style (Not Recommended)

69-C HQT1547-01 2 HP Motor Shaft (Not Recommended)

69-D HQT1547-03 2 HP CNC Motor Shaft (Not Recommended)

70-A HQT1546-08 Rebuilt Shaft/Rotor Assembly 1 1/2 HP- exchange only.

70-B HQT1547-08 Rebuilt Shaft/Rotor Assembly 2 HP – exchange only.

70-C HQT1547-09 Rebuilt Shaft/Rotor Assembly 2 HP CNC – exchange only.

71 HQT037-0113 Master Link

72 HQT1311-1 Worm Shaft Key

73 HQT1582 Lubrication Data Plate

74 HQT1574 Taper Pin

75 HQT1523 Socket Head Cap Screw

76 HQT1525 Motor Pulley Cover

77 HQT1524 Socket Head Cap Screw

78 HQT1704 Epoxy Glue Pack (1 pack per 2 inserts, not shown)

79 HQT1546-05 1.5 & 2 HP Motor Fan (Not shown)

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