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English Wheel

THE ENGLISH WHEEL – American Made! Stacey David uses our English Wheel on Gearz.

YOU CAN QUIT DROOLING over the expensive English Wheels in the catalogs. Be the envy of your buddies! You can (with practice) do those formerly IMPOSSIBLE metal forming jobs that you dreamed of and had to forgo, or had to send out to a high priced professional shop.

ENGLISH WHEEL KIT $750.00 + Shipping and Handling




Our American Built Kit Contains:

  • Precision axle bearings
  • CNC machined radius on rollers – 3.0r, 4.0r 5.00r, 8.5r (all included)
  • 8″x 2″ anvil wheel
  • Elevating mechanism
  • Plans for the frame (pitch our plans and design your own if you choose)
  • You furnish material for the frame
  • Heat Treated Tool Steel Rollers


SquareDealSQUARE DEAL KIT $425.00 + Shipping and Handling

Same great quality especially made for Motorcycles, Airplanes, and Canoes.

At long last… an affordable package for the home garage or professional. Whether you are a racer, hot-rodder, biker, boater or airplane guy.

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